Bill Nelson hands down is the best golf mental coach period! Every time I have listened to Bill give a mental seminar or having spoken to him personally about students that we both coach I’m always amazed at his down to earth method of making golfers feel better and perform better.

I’ve been coaching golf to elite students for over 18 years and I have seen and listened to many golf mental coaches and I have always believed that after seeing Bill and working with Bill that he is definitely the top of his field.

Bill just doesn’t tell you what to do he prescribes how to fix things and this is such a huge key for improving the mental game. I have a choice in where I send my students to go see a mental coach and I always choose Bill Nelson, he’s the best at what he does.

Tim SheredyDirector of Golf Instruction at Timacuan Golf and Country Club

Bill has helped our daughter Ella immensely with her understanding and application of the mental aspects of the game.  Ella has become very composed and resilient on the course under Bill’s guidance.  Ella always looks forward to working with Bill. The information Bill conveys to Ella in each session is always perfectly timed and specifically and tailored to her needs.

We couldn’t be more pleased.

Steve WoodsParent

My son Josh began working with Bill after we were referred to him by a family friend. My son’s mental game and demeanor on the golf course have improved dramatically in the short time they have worked together. The tools that Bill has given him will not only help him on the golf course but in life, as well. I have been so impressed with Bill’s information that I have recommended him to a PGA touring pro that I am associated with.

If you are parent of a junior golfer I would strongly suggest using Bill’s services.

Mike LewisParent